All-in-one Human Resource Platform

Improving your work place with KLOCKNOW HR, saving time and money.

Your HR, Payroll, Recruiting, and Benefits Solutions.

Awesome Features


Never headaches with managing employees data again. Store keys employee profiles and documents on the cloud securely with our standard encryption.

Time Attendance

Easy to Clock In/Out securely on Web and Mobile Application with Geo-Tagging, attach pictures, and Check-In. Individual and Kiosk Modes are available with Fingerprint and ID Card Scan.

Time Off

Easy to manage company holiday and employee time off. Beautiful reporting in one place for year end summary and analysis. Easy time off request via Mobile App at anytime anywhere.


Hiring is easy with KLOCKNOW HR, it comes with a job boards that is ready to accept applicantions, and able to share job post to LinkedIn or other. It allows custom recruiting process based on HR Policy.


Reward employees with custom benefits or use KLOCKNOW HR as a broker to get a right benefits. We partners with many carriers to offer very attractive plans.


Payroll is complicated, however, it doesn't have to be that way. With KLOCKNOW HR we take care of all calculations for Taxes and Benefits, so that Payroll process will be easier.

Mobile Apps on the Go

Clock In/Out, Check In, Apply Leave, View Payslip .etc at anytime anywhere with Mobile App


KLOCKNOW HR works for any size of companies. Our goal is to provide the best possible employment experience to Companies and Employees.

On the Cloud

99.99% up time guarantee to ensure that your work has no interruptions.


There is no limit for us for continuing to provide the best services and new features that benefits to Companies and Employees.

Attractive Design

Simple, attractive and easy to use HR Solution.


Security is our top priority. Secure with industry standard encryption to protect your sensitive data.


Is KLOCKNOW HR secure for any device?

Absolutely! We work hard everyday to ensure your safety and security. All communication and data transfer/store are secured and encrypted.

Does KLOCKNOW HR work for NGOs?

KLOCKNOW HR fits for many type of organizations including NGOs, Government, Banking, Technology, Construction, Factory .etc.

My company has more then 100 Employees, how can I get custom pricing?

For company with more then 100 Employees, we could provide a custom quotation with good pricing. Please contact us via

Is there any contract terms?

KLOCKNOW HR offer a month to month basis. A credit-card is required once the trial period end in order to continue using the service.